Readers Advisory Board

The Readers Advisory Board of the North American Dostoevsky Society is a group of scholars who have been specially invited to join in recognition of their contributions to Dostoevsky studies and outreach. The RAB works together with the Executive Board to plan creative projects, outreach initiatives, and Dostoevsky-related events.

Brian Armstrong

Augusta University, USA

Anna Berman

McGill University, Canada

Irina Erman

College of Charleston, USA

Octavian Gabor

Methodist College, USA

Vladimir Ivantsov

Oberlin College, USA

Katya Jordan

Brigham Young University, USA

Chloë Kitzinger

Rutgers University, USA

Greta Matzner-Gore

University of Southern California, USA

Michael M. Ossorgin, VIII

Fordham University, USA

Chloe Papadopoulos

Grad Representative | Yale University, USA

Vadim Shkolnikov

HSE University-St Petersburg, Russia

Denis Zhernokleyev

Vanderbilt University, USA