Dostoevsky Panels at AATSEEL 2023!

The North American Dostoevsky Society stands with all the people of Ukraine, Russia, and the rest of the world who condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Our statement can be read here.

Please note the following panels at the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages conference, which will take place on Zoom this coming weekend. All of these are related or adjacent to Dostoevsky studies. The full program can be found here: . If you’re attending the conference, we’ll hope to see you there!

Friday, Feb. 17: 

Session 4-5 (5–6:45 PM EST): Dostoevsky and Europe (sponsored by the North American Dostoevsky Society)

Including the following papers: “Selves and Others: the Dostoevskiian Response to Schiller” (Melissa Frazier, Sarah Lawrence College), “European Air and Russian Soil: Questions of Contagion” (Giulia Dossi, Hamilton College), “‘The living Stream of life’ versus self-annihilation” (Amy Ronner, St. Thomas University School of Law). Discussant: Vadim Shneyder, University of California, Los Angeles; Chair: Lindsay Ceballos.

Saturday, Feb. 18:

Session 7-5 (2:45–4:30 PM EST): Literary Theories in the Soviet Era

Including the following papers: “From “living into” to “loving removal”: early Bakhtin and empathy” (Yazhe Yang, Princeton University), “Post structural ish”: Kristeva as Bakhtin’s dialogic reader in early essays (1966–1973) (Kathleen Mitchell-Fox, Princeton University), “Word Versus Fist: Psychoanalytic Polemics in 1920s Soviet Press and in Vsevolod Ivanov’s Novel “U”” (Nikita Allgire, University of Southern California). Discussant/Chair: Siarhei Biareishyk, University of Pennsylvania.

Session 8-6 (5–6:45 PM EST): Problems of Teaching Dostoevsky Now

Speakers: Ani Kokobobo, University of Kansas; Vadim Shneyder, University of California, Los Angeles; Greta Matzner-Gore, University of Southern California; José Vergara, Bryn Mawr College; Chloë Kitzinger, Rutgers University, New Brunswick.

Sunday, Feb. 19:

Session 9-7 (9–10:45 AM EST): Marko Vovchok: New Materials and Perspectives

Includes the following papers: “Marko Vovchok, Dostoevsky and the Debates on Popular Ukrainian and Russian Literature in 1860-1861” (Alexey Vdovin, HSE University, Moscow), “So Many Marusias: Marko Vovchok and the Articulation of a 19th-Century Ukrainian Literary Tradition” (Sara Dickinson, Università di Genova), “Translation as Political Act: The French Adaptation of Marko Vovchok’s Marusia” (Polina De Mauny, Sorbonne), “Scholarly Editions of Marko Vovchok: Issues of Editing and Sources” (Bohdan Tsymbal, Shevchenko Institute). Discussant: Margarita Vaysman, University of Saint Andrews; Chair: Melissa Miller, Colby College.

Session 10-5 (11:15–1:00 PM EST): Rereading Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, and Nabokov: New Publications

Speakers: Colleen Lucey, University of Arizona; Tatyana Gershkovich, Carnegie Mellon University; Chloë Kitzinger, Rutgers University, New Brunswick; 
Alex Spektor, University of Georgia.

Thanks to Chloë Kitzinger for compiling this list!

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