Happy birthday, Bloggers K!

Today we celebrate 2 years of the Bloggers Karamazov, the polyphonic blog-speriment of the North American Dostoevsky Society. Over the past two years, our blog has grown from something quite small to something with many readers (thank you, readers!).

Over the past two years we’ve worked to serve our community of Dostoevsky readers by: hosting online multimedia events (like #TheDoubleEvent), highlighting member research through book interviews (like these by Lonny Harrison or Deborah Martinsen and Olga Maiorova) and special research posts (like our most recent, by Susanne Fusso), cross-posting guest book bloggers (like Himadri Chatterjee or Steve Dodson), hosting thematic clusters (like this one about creating @RodionTweets or a series last summer where students discussed Dostoevsky cultural memory in the Dostoevskaya metro, Dostoevsky’s Petersburg, and Dostoevsky Day), reporting on special events (like this student production of The Crocodile, the epic Dostoevsky Games, or the Toronto library exhibit on Crime and Punishment), and more… this is just the tip of the iceberg, which ranges broadly from Ivan Karamazov weighing in on Dostoevsky’s writing to a how-to guide on 3D printing Dostoevsky bobble-heads.

BloggersK_birthdayAs our blog embarks on its third year, we are celebrating our work so far through social media posts that #tbt old content highlights.

We are also celebrating with a new design: birthday cards for sale to benefit NADS! Check them out here. 4 designs and each one sold helps support our outreach and scholarship initiatives.

And! We are also sending out a general call for posts on anything related to Dostoevsky.

  • Do you have an idea for a post or a post cluster?
  • Is there a movie based on a Dostoevsky novel you’d like to watch or revisit and write on?
  • Do you have some engaging Dostoevsky classroom exercises you’d like to share?
  • Are your students writing interesting papers on Dostoevsky?
  • Has reading Dostoevsky prompted you to make connections between things you hadn’t connected before?
  • Have you been to a play or reading or screening or exhibit related to Dostoevsky?

Let us know! You can always contact us with new ideas for posts.

Members, do you have a new Dostoevsky book out? Or are you planning a Dostoevsky event? We are glad to highlight members’ research and work. And if you’re not a member, but you’d like to be, you can always join up here.

Happy birthday, Bloggers K! Here’s to many more!

4 thoughts

  1. Congratulations! I’d like to see something on Скверный анекдот, which I just read and enjoyed but about which writers on D. are generally silent (not even Joseph Frank discusses it in his five-volume bio). It may not be a major work, but it’s a “глубоко карнавализованный рассказ” (as Bakhtin calls it in a drive-by discussion) and squirm-inducing fun.


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